Alytes volume 35

Alytes volume 35


Phytotelmata selection by anurans and implications for their conservation at Las Tablas Protected Zone, Costa Rica
Diego A. Gómez-Hoyos, Sergio Escobar-Lasso, Rocío Seisdedos-de-Vergara, Juan G. Abarca, Jan Schipper, Steven M. Whitfield, Gilbert Alvarado & José F. González-Maya
1–11             Summary and pdf

We describe a new species of the field observation of an adult red-snouted treefrog Scinax ruber (Anura: Hylidae) being consumed by a giant fishing spider Ancylometes rufus (Araneae: Ctenidae)
Carlos Eduardo Costa-Campos, Juliana Gonçalves Corrêa, Pedro Ferreira França, Jackson Cleiton Sousa, Yrlan Kleison Soeiro Avelar & Pedro Hugo Esteves Silva
12–16              Summary and pdf

The natural history and head and shoulder anatomy of Cornufer guentheri (Anura, Ceratobatrachidae), a casque-headed frog of the Solomon Islands
James Menzies & Fred Parker
17-38             Summary and pdf

Helminths of the Green and Black Poison Frog, Dendrobates auratus (Anura: Dendrobatidae) from Hawaii
Stephen R. Goldberg , Charles R. Bursey  & Fred Kraus
39-42             Summary and pdf

First data on cave breeding in Discoglossus pictus Otth, 1837 (Anura: Dicoglossidae)
Francesco Paolo Faraone & Mario Lo Valvo
43-47             Summary and pdf

Antipredator mechanisms of Ingerophrynus parvus (Boulenger, 1887) (Anura, Bufonidae) and Philautus vermiculatus (Boulenger, 1900) (Anura, Rhacophoridae) from Northern Peninsular Malaysia
Shahrudin Shahriza
48-56             Summary and pdf

Notes on the ecology and the reproduction of Hypselotriton orphicus (Risch, 1983) (Urodela: Salamandridae) in Fujian province, China
Axel Hernandez
57-61             Summary and pdf

Preliminary description of the larval morphology of Tylototriton pseudoverrucosus Hou, Gu, Zhang, Zeng, Li & Lü 2012 (Urodela: Salamandridae) and conservation implications in Sichuan province, China
Axel Hernandez
62-67            Summary and pdf

Development of endemic Nilgiri Bush Frog, Raorchestes tinniens (Jerdon, 1853) (Anura: Rhacophoridae) in the Nilgiris, Western Ghats, India
Jebamalainathan Leona Princy & Perumal Kannan
68-74             Summary and pdf

The correct spelling of the nomen Nyctimystes cheesmani Tyler, 1964 (Amphibia, Anura), with some comments on Latin grammar and the Rules of the Code
Alain Dubois
75-84             Summary and pdf

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